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Nowadays, in the age of modern technology, everything can be done by machines, people do not have to perform manual steps like before but still have delicious dishes. In today’s post, I would like to Synthesize all types of ice cream machines available on the market. Regardless of the shape, size or function of the machine, the ultimate purpose is still to give us cool ice cream on summer days.

There are many types of ice cream machines with different sizes and designs
There are many types of ice cream machines with different sizes and designs

Summary of 9 most popular ice cream machines today

This summer, treat your whole family to delicious homemade ice cream with just these beautiful and magical little machines:

1. Blender design machine

This is a machine with the simplest design and usage of all ice cream machines on the market today. With a design that is almost like a blender, this ice cream maker does not require you to do much more than pour the ice cream ingredients together with the ice and press the “Start” button. You can go swimming for 20 minutes and when you come back, you have a delicious ice cream to enjoy with the family.

The simple recipe that can be applied when owning this ice cream machine is that you mix yogurt, ice cream and fruit juice to have a cup of ice cream to your liking.

2. Globe machine

This is a very convenient ice cream machine for picnics with family and friends because the machine has a compact and smart design. You can imagine this ice cream machine like a ball in a bowling game and it is thanks to this fun design that it has become a product that is very popular with young people.

Ice cream ball machine is a type of machine that is very popular with young people
Ice cream ball machine is a type of machine that is very popular with young people

How to use the machine is also extremely simple, you just need to put ice cream, ice cubes and turn on the start button, then you can hear the funny sounds of the ice when it hits the wall of the machine, that’s exactly what it is. sound that you usually hear on the bowling alley, it’s a really great feeling.

3.Classic type machine

If you want to taste a classic flavored ice cream, then try this ice cream machine with a very “nostalgic” design. This is called the “White Mountain” ice cream machine, the product from this machine will satisfy lovers of classic flavors. When using this machine, you will have to use more ice cream and ice than usual and of course because of that, your ice cream is also much richer than other types.

The price of an ice cream machine of this type is 5 million dong, if you want to save money, you can buy the same type of ice cream machine but do not use electricity but purely hand crank. The classic hand-cranked ice cream machine is priced at 3.5 million VND.

4. The machine can be disassembled.

This type of machine is preferred by many housewives because of its neatness and ease of cleaning after use. Although when installing the entire machine for use, its base occupies a significant area in the kitchen, but after 20 to 30 minutes for the machine to work, you can disassemble the body and put it in the cabinet. Refrigerate for use when needed.

5. Professional ice cream machine.

Although it looks quite complicated and takes up a bit of space, this ice cream maker is the top choice of professionals. If you often have large crowds or are a party enthusiast, this ice cream maker is an economical choice in the kitchen. This ice cream machine also has the outstanding advantage that you only need to add ingredients and press the button to make ice cream right away, without having to cool the inside of the machine before like other machines. Thanks to that, your ice cream making becomes professional, fast and also much more perfect.

6. Ice cream machine for beginners

Even beginners can make amazing ice cream with this machine
Even beginners can make amazing ice cream with this machine

If this is your first time making your own ice cream, buy this simple machine. The machine is not only easy to use, simple in design but also has the advantage of allowing the user to see the ice cream making process through a piece of transparent synthetic plastic on the body.

To use, you just need to chill the inside of the machine for 1 day before using, then pour the ice cream ingredients into the machine, no need to use ice and press the start button. 30 minutes later, enjoy your cool and intoxicating first fruit.

7.Italian ice cream maker

Ordinary ice cream has completely different features from Italian ice cream, so if you are a fan of this special ice cream, you should buy a separate machine to get the best taste. Italian ice cream is mainly made from sugar and fruit, so the machine will also work at a slower frequency than other ice cream machines. The finished product that the machine makes with a thick layer of ice cream will surely satisfy Italian ice cream lovers.

8.Mini ice cream machine

With a compact design like a large glass, you can make ice cream and use it on the spot without having to use other cups. The neutral color of this machine also makes many people satisfied.

9. Multi-function ice cream machine.

Not only making ice cream but also doing a number of other functions
Not only making ice cream but also doing a number of other functions

This is a synthetic ice cream machine and has many smart functions that will surprise you. Not only making regular ice cream, the machine can also crush candy, fruit or anything you want to add in your ice cream.

This ice cream machine can also be used to make other drinks such as cocktails or fruit juices.

Specific suggestions for some of the most modern ice cream machines on the market

If you do not know which ice cream machine to choose, please refer to the following types of machines:

1.Kahchan mini ice cream machine

This machine does not use electricity, so it saves energy and is safe for children, you can let your baby make delicious ice cream sticks. Everyone is wondering why make ice cream without using electricity, right?

Precisely before making ice cream, you must put the Kahchan mini ice cream machine in the freezer for 24 hours (with a temperature of about -18 degrees Celsius or less). Then put juice like orange, strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate, .. into the mold and within 4-6 minutes there were 3 ice cream sticks with 100% ingredients from fruits of all kinds, super clean, full of color, no harm discomfort, numbness of the tongue. Add this machine to your kitchen appliances right away!

Kahchan ice cream machine applies modern technology
Kahchan ice cream machine applies modern technology


  • No electricity: Kahchan ice cream maker applies Coolant high technology, when placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, the heat is collected super fast and when used, it does not need to use electricity, safe for mother and baby.
  • Convenience: Easy to use, easy to maintain and clean.
  • Modern design: compact, can be used in home or business, easy to move.
  • Specifications: Product dimensions (D x R x C cm): 24x16x17, Weight (KG): 2, Warranty: 12 months,
  • Package includes: Machine, ice cream hat, ice cream stick.

2. Fresh ice cream machine Tiross TS-9090 Tiross TS-9090 fresh ice cream machine has a function of cooling (freezing ice cream) without using a refrigerator, so the price of Tiross TS-9090 is also more expensive than the two above. However, it’s your money, this machine is much more convenient and can keep cold for 6 hours. This product also received a lot of very good feedback from customers, with it you have the secret to making delicious ice cream that not everyone has.

Tiross ice cream machine is also a machine using new technology
Tiross ice cream machine is also a machine using new technology


  • Modern technology: Using super-fast cooling E-Coll chip, fully automatic cooling without using a refrigerator, keeping cold for 6 hours. There is a button to adjust the ice cream hard or soft depending on the preferences of the user.
  • Easy to use: just one push of a button, the machine will be able to automatically make ice cream and automatically stop when finished making ice cream, then switch to the cold keeping process for 6 hours.
  • High-quality materials: The machine is made of high-quality synthetic plastic and aluminum with high bearing capacity, absolutely safe for users’ health. The lid is made of transparent plastic to help you observe the ice cream making process, and the lid also has a hole to put more ingredients or grains in even while the machine is in operation.

3.Thai mini roll ice cream making machine This type of machine has just been introduced to Vietnam not long ago, but many people have chosen it, the advantage of this machine is its powerful motor, so the ability to freeze quickly, the price is much cheaper than other types of machines. similar cream.

When using, people just need to put the ingredients to make ice cream into the machine and spread it out, then spread it evenly on the surface of the cooling pan, then push it with a stir-fry and the ice cream will roll up by itself, as simple as that. Get a nice and cool ice cream roll, saving you a lot of time and effort when making many ice cream cups at the same time.

4.Geners fruit ice cream machine

Geners fruit ice cream machine does not have a cooling function like the Tiross TS-9090 machine, but this machine is also loved by many women because it is compact and convenient. The machine will grind frozen fruit to produce delicious ice cream.

Just prepare your favorite fruits, you can create fruit ice cream from the Geners ice cream machine, fruit ice cream is very useful for your digestive system, and this is also an effective weight loss solution. The fruit is delicious to eat, not boring, and has a standard body shape, youthful and smooth skin.


  • Simple design: the parts of the machine can be disassembled separately for cleaning, cleaning, avoiding bacteria.
  • Easy operation: Put fruits with your favorite flavor, nuts, chocolate, etc. into the steel tube, then press the plunger to have a delicious, nutritious, 100% non-additive, fat-free ice cream.
  • High-quality materials: Geners fruit ice cream machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable ABS plastic that is safe for everyone.
  • Luxurious design: the machine is designed with 2 main colors, black and gray, to help your kitchen space become more complete.
  • Product information: Power supply: 110v – 220v, Stainless steel, ABS plastic, Power: 200W, Korean Technology, Warranty: 12 months.

Note when using ice cream machine

  • Using an ice cream machine should only be used indoors, not outdoors
  • Always make sure all utensils are completely clean before making ice cream or sorbet.
  • Never freeze ice cream that has been completely or partially defrosted
  • Any cream or ice that contains raw ingredients should be consumed within a week. Ice cream has a certain taste when freshly made
  • Ice cream or ice cream containing raw or partially cooked eggs should not be used by young children, pregnant women, the elderly, or people who are unwell.
  • To ensure the user does not suffer from frostbite, always ensure that hands are protected when handling the bowl, especially when first removed from the freezer.
  • When the cooling mechanism is working, if there is any sign of leakage from the bowl, discontinue use. However, the refrigeration mechanism is non-toxic.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not immerse, plug, or expose flexible products or lines to rain, moisture, or liquids.
  • Do not use the product near bathrooms, basins or other objects containing water or other liquids, while standing in or on wet surfaces.
  • In case the unit is dropped into water, quickly turn off the power and then unplug it immediately. Absolutely do not touch the water.
  • It is important to note that devices will have to be checked by a qualified technician before being used again.


So, through this article, you have understood the hottest ice cream machines on the market today, depending on the needs of each family, hope you will choose the product you like. best idea! Please like and share this post a lot! Thank you!

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