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Spring is a time when the humidity is high, wet makes clothes can not dry and also has an unpleasant smell, that’s why the demand for clothes dryers increases, but to choose the right dryer. , durable, reasonable price is not easy. How to choose a clothes dryer? What should be noted when using a clothes dryer? In this article, I would like to answer those questions of you!

To choose a dryer that is both good and durable is not an easy task
To choose a dryer that is both good and durable is not an easy task

Does the dryer damage clothes?

Unlike washing machines, clothes dryers are household appliances that make many housewives wonder when they have to spend a large amount of money and the frequency of use is not much.

In addition, there are many users who worry that the dryer is harmful to their clothes due to the effects of heat. This is also the fact that many housewives complain when clothes “shrink” after drying. But that’s because the user hasn’t used it properly. The rotation speed of the dryer and the process of drying clothes with heat will more or less have an impact on clothes when used.

When choosing a dryer, pay attention to the ability to adjust the temperature, rotation speed and basic drying programs to suit the needs of the family. Machines equipped with smart sensors that adjust temperature, time and rotation speed will significantly reduce bad photos due to the impact of heat and wrinkles on fabrics.

In addition, users also need to pay attention to the classification and selection of suitable drying programs. Before drying, users only need to sort clothes, choose suitable drying programs or use a temperature and time that is not too high to completely avoid this phenomenon.

Advantages and disadvantages of clothes dryers you may not know

A clothes dryer can give you the following benefits:

  • The first effect of a clothes dryer is of course to dry clothes. Unlike a washing machine that can only dry at a spin rate on clothes, a clothes dryer is capable of completely drying the steam present on clothes. This helps prevent the growth and development of mold, odor-causing bacteria on clothes, protecting the health of your family.
  • A clothes dryer can save you time to dry clothes, especially in rainy weather, you will no longer have to worry if the shirt you want to wear to go out on the weekend cannot dry in time due to the rain all week. . You don’t have to waste time drying clothes, and you don’t have to waste time ironing clothes.
  • Help your family save space for drying clothes, avoiding the situation of drying clothes for a whole week that have not been collected and have no place to dry new clothes.
  • Helps clothes last longer by not being exposed to the sun, being exposed to the air for a long time, and preventing stretching because clothes do not hang up while still wet. After drying, you can use the clothes right away or fold them into the closet without worrying about the clothes getting moldy or having an unpleasant smell.
  • The clothes dryer is relatively compact, does not take up much space in your living space. Quick drying time, soft fabric after drying.
  • Some families even use a clothes dryer as a heater in the winter.
  • Quick drying 40 minutes for 2 kg of clothes.


  • Abuse: Because it gives us many benefits and conveniences, it is possible that you will misuse it unnecessarily.
  • Consume electricity: When abused and used a lot, of course, it will consume a lot of electricity in your family because it operates at a fairly high capacity.
  • Only use a lot in the wet season and the dry period that you do not clean and carefully store the machine will be very quickly damaged.

Classification of clothes dryers

There are two types of clothes dryers on the market, clothes dryers and clothes dryers
There are two types of clothes dryers on the market, clothes dryers and clothes dryers

There are the following types of dryers on the market:

  • Type 1: Clothes drying cabinet: A clothes dryer or drying cage is shaped like a small wardrobe or shaped like a round cage. The advantage of this type of clothes dryer is that it is compact, easy to install and move, and can dry many clothes at once. Although some clothes dryers do not allow temperature changes, you can adjust the drying time. In addition, this type of clothes dryer also has a relatively cheap price, suitable for many users. However, the disadvantage of a clothes dryer is that the drying time is often long, the durability is not as high and stable as Dedicated tumble dryer.
  • Type 2: Specialized clothes dryer: Dedicated clothes dryer or horizontal door clothes dryer or fixed clothes dryer has the same form as a washing machine but only has a drying function, divided into two types: dryers. condenser and vented dryer.

Criteria to keep in mind when choosing to buy a clothes dryer

1.Type and make of clothes dryer

Because there are now many types of clothes dryers from many different brands, the functions that each type of clothes dryer offers are also diverse. Depending on the needs of close friends and family such as the price you think is appropriate, the color and design of the product, the number of clothes, the space you have to place the clothes dryer, etc. You can consider to choose before buying a tumble dryer.

2.Power saving feature

Because electrical energy will be converted mainly into heat when operating, the dryer is considered one of the most energy-consuming electrical appliances in the home.

Current dryers usually have a capacity of 1800 to 5000W and each operation time lasts from 20 to 80 minutes.

You can choose new models of dryers that have integrated inverter technology, which will help reduce electricity consumption significantly.

3.Anti-wrinkle mode

You should choose a machine with anti-wrinkle mode so that you don't have to waste time ironing again
You should choose a machine with anti-wrinkle mode so that you don’t have to waste time ironing again

When choosing to buy a clothes dryer, you should pay attention to choose those that have a spinning drying technique or a steam spray mode when drying, which significantly reduces clothes.

You can also choose a machine that can adjust temperature, rotation speed and have programs suitable for many different types of clothes that will help limit the bad effects on clothes.

4. Clothes drying time

Usually housework such as washing, cleaning, cooking is done by women in the family, however, nowadays women also have their own career work, so the time criterion that a household A clothes dryer can save them money in lieu of drying, collecting and ironing so they can do pretty important work.
The time to hang clothes to dry, wait for clothes to dry to collect and iron is almost equal to a drying cycle of a trouser dryer now. However, each type of clothes dryer will have a different drying time, so you need to carefully refer to the drying time of each type to choose the clothes dryer you need.

5. Time to filter cotton dust and lint

In the process of dehumidifying, the clothes dryer will pull cotton dust, lint and excess fabric inside the clothes, if not completely removed, when wearing and operating we can breathe in affecting the health of the body. Respiratory.

6.Electricity Consumption

A clothes dryer uses electricity to convert it into heat, so it will be one of the appliances that consume a lot of electricity in the home. Therefore, you should choose clothes dryers that limit electricity consumption as low as possible.

7. Check the structure, dryer tube, clothes dryer size

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right size wardrobe or clothes dryer
Depending on your needs, you can choose the right size wardrobe or clothes dryer

Before deciding to buy, you should test the machine first, make sure that the dryer is working, making a slight noise. Avoid choosing to buy a clothes dryer that makes a lot of noise, because the tissue is of poor quality.

Note that, choose the size of the square or round cabinet to suit the needs of your family. If drying a lot of clothes, you should choose a square clothes dryer with a high price, and if your family is small, choose a round dryer with a cheaper price. If you choose a square cabinet, you may be interested in a foldable square frame clothes dryer that is very convenient to save space when not in use without having to disassemble.

8.Combining other functions

The function of the dryer is to help dry clothes instead of drying in the sun, and users can take out their clothes to wear immediately after drying. Therefore, when buying a dryer, you should also pay attention to the accompanying functions of the dryer such as: Automatic clothes drying program, drying mode with the right time and temperature for fabrics. different modes, sterilization drying mode, drying timer feature to help take the initiative in time.

Notes when using a clothes dryer

1.Shake each piece of clothing when you take it out of the washing machine to put it in the dryer, this will help reduce wrinkles and reduce drying time.

2. Put clothes in enough volume according to the capacity of the dryer, usually about 2/3 of the machine cage, so not only drying a little will waste energy.

4. However, do not let the dryer be overloaded, full of the machine cage. The amount of clothes that are too much compared to the capacity of the machine will also consume energy, moreover the clothes need space to be dried quickly and reduce wrinkles.

5. Use scented paper to dry the clothes, put in the dryer together with the clothes, each sheet is used for about 10-12 sets of clothes. This paper not only helps soften and fragrance clothes, but also helps reduce static electricity in clothes, otherwise when folding clothes, you may feel like a slight electric shock.

6. Choose the right drying mode for your clothes. The dryer has each mode according to each cycle with a drying timer function for 30 – 60 – 120 – 180 minutes in accordance with the weight and fabric. In general, right from the stage of washing clothes, you have to sort your clothes, then put them in the dryer, different clothes will need to be dried differently. High temperature recommended for jeans, towels, other heavy fabrics; medium temperature for synthetic materials such as polyester; and low temperature for items such as underwear, plush fabrics.

7. Do not add wet clothes to the machine that is in the middle of drying clothes, this will cause the hygrometer in the machine to not accurately measure the humidity, the clothes may be wet or too dry.

8. Always keep the door of the dryer closed during the drying process, every time the door is opened hot air will escape and the machine will need more time to complete the drying cycle.

9. Do not dry the clothes too dry (too high temperature and long time), both damaging the clothes and consuming electricity, moreover the clothes will be wrinkled. When drying for too long, the heat from the high temperature reduces moisture on the clothes, causing the clothes to shrink, especially with cotton fabrics. The drier the dryer, the more wrinkled the item will be, so if you don’t need it, leave it on low.

10. Take the clothes out of the dryer as soon as they are dried, shake them straight, then fold or hang them to prevent wrinkling.

You should shake all clothes after taking them out of the dryer
You should shake all clothes after taking them out of the dryer

11. If you can arrange time to iron/iron clothes immediately after drying, you should choose a shorter drying time, then the clothes that are still slightly damp will be easier to iron/iron and save electricity.

12. Clothes that have been left for a long time to have a musty smell can be put in the dryer along with a scented paper that will help remove the odor.

13. Be careful not to put clothes with metal parts in the dryer because they can fall off and damage the dryer. Do not dry delicate fabrics such as curtains, woolen, silk, waterproof nylon, large items such as hooded coats, blankets, etc. Before putting clothes in the dryer, it is necessary to check and remove all items in the bag, such as clips, pens, nails and needles… because these can damage the dryer and clothes. In particular, cotton fabrics are very sensitive to temperature, so they should only be dried in the wind mode, not at high temperature. Note, if the clothes are greasy, putting them in the dryer can cause a fire.

14. Cleaning the cotton filter mesh regularly is also a way to avoid wasting time drying and save power consumption.


Above is a summary of all opinions and experiences of using my clothes dryer. Hopefully after this article will be more helpful for you in choosing and safely using a clothes dryer. Please like and share the post! Thank you!


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